Refrain of Time | NUKU

Refrain of Time

1 h 15 min|Grown-up|Oval Hall

A fast-paced tragicomedy about a puppeteer, who is lost in the shadows, but looking for a golden butterfly. Will she find one? Who live in the shadows anyway? A sparrow, a bunny or a cat? The Cloud Princess, the Woods Cone or the Mouse Lady? Carabas Barabas, the mischievous monkey Vembu or the Fool? Does the Fool's cap have jingle bells or church bells? Is love fluttering in your pants like a bee or drowning in a glass of sleeping draught? Does it all end with applause or a gun shot?

In this monodrama for adults by Helle Laas, the grand old lady of Puppet Theatre, recollections come to life and a colourful dusk gives rise to unexpected encounters. The play is based on the beloved puppeteer's autobiographical as well as published and unpublished fictional works. It is the first creative collaboration between  the 73-year-old actress and director Helle Laas and the 37-year-old director Jaanika Juhanson.



Helle Laas