The Dismantling of Lemuel Pitkin | NUKU

The Dismantling of Lemuel Pitkin

2,5 h|Grown-up|Small Hall

Nothing belongs to me less than myself.

Lemuel Pitkin is a young man with all the prospects of a decent future. He leads a humble but aspiring life with his elderly mother in a house that is their only property. One day, a lawyer turns up at their door, calling in a loan that is secured on their house. The only chance to escape this desperate situation is to go out into the “wide world” to seek a fortune that would help pay back the loan. So it happens that Lemuel now enters a whole new world, meeting “different” people, who all have something to give, or rather – something to take from him. In order to stay alive and to preserve his love, mind and physique, he must face a ruthless battle that plays with his freedom, dignity and integrity.

The story is told through puppets, original score, precise lighting design, actors’ role solutions and innovative set design. The show uses elements of visual theatre, puppet theatre and classic drama theatre.



Taavi Tõnisson, Katri Pekri, Tiina Tõnis, Getter Meresmaa, Anti Kobin, Mihkel Tikerpalu