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Elias from Dry Land

u 1 h|Pre-schooler, School children|Ferdinand Hall

Underwater adventure at Christmas night

Town boy Elias and his little sister Emilia go to spend the Christmas holiday with their grandparents in a little coastal village and look forward to opening a pile of Christmas presents. But Christmas night is a time of miracles, and so Elias accidentally summons a water spirit. He follows the spirit to a mystical underwater world, hoping to find a magical cure for his sister who is sick. Elias learns that his arrival has been awaited for some time, for the watery realm is being buried under strange snow that just keeps falling. An old legend says that only a boy from dry land can help them.

Elias from Dry Land, a mystical adventure story that takes the viewer to a magical world under water, is created by the renowned playwright Piret Jaaks, and Helen Rekkor, the newest laureate of Ants Lauter Award for theatre directors. Piret Jaaks also wrote the script for Before Us, the Deluge, which is a co-production between NUKU theatre and Vaba Lava platform and part of the Estonia 100 Theatre Series Tale of the Century. For Helen Rekkor, who calls the genre of puppet theatre and visual theatre her ideal, this is the first production in NUKU theatre.


Mihkel Vendel or Rauno Kaibiainen (guest actor), Laura Kukk or Katrin Kalma (guest actress), Katri Pekri or Getter Meresmaa, Lee Trei or Laura Nõlvak, Anti Kobin or Andres Roosileht