Accessibility | NUKU


NUKU theatre and museum is located in the Old Town which means the roads leading to the building are often cobbled. The theatre does not have separate parking space for special need cars. Parking on Lai St and Nunne st is according to the Tallinn City parking regulation.  The nearest parking lots are at the Balti railway station and at Rannamäe st 5 parking lot.

Wheelchair users can access the theatre from street level through the main entrance from Nunne street. The gate front has cobblestones. 

Wheelchair users access the Ferdinand Hall theatre performance with a platform lift. The seating for wheelchair users are only in the 1st row and can be booked via Box Office e-mail (kassa [at] Other theatre halls are not as accessible with the wheelchairs. Please contact the Box Office for further information.

Museum is not well accessible for wheelchair or for strollers. The stairs, narrow tunnels and many levels make the visit rather hard.

There is a fully adapted unisex toilet in the lobby with the aquarium, near the wardrobe. The access there is aided with Ferdinand' Hall's platform lift.

The unisex toilet also has a diaper table. 

Accessing the building with baby strollers and prams is through the main gates. The strollers and prams are asked to be left at the staircase hall next to the cafe while you visit the performances and museum.