Workshops | NUKU


1-1,5 h|Grown-up|Museum

Our workshops give you a chance to make your own puppet or theatre props or learn about the magic of theatre making.

The puppet making workshops also introduce the history and specifics of each puppet in the making.

The workshops can be adapted to different age groups as well as to adults. They last around 1-1,5 hours, depending on the group size and level of difficulty.

Stick puppet workshop

Suitable for 5-9 year olds. In the workshop, small stick puppets from princesses to clowns can be made. Each puppet can be tried out on a stage. 

Shadow puppet workshop

Suitable for everyone older than 7 years old. You can make a simple colorful shadow puppet or try your hand in the more difficult ones that move different body parts. Of course, the ABC of shadow puppetry is introduced as well as different types of shadow puppets.

Costume workshop

How is a theatrical costume made? You will learn about making a costume design and dress up a mannequin into different costumes found from the theatre's storage.

Theatrical make-up workshop

Make-up makes miracles! It can turn you old or into a hairy beast or whoever. How can you stress certain expressions and emotions with make-up?

Workshop: How to make a theatre play?

Everyone will get a role such as director, designer, stage hand, costumer, puppet makers and actors in order to create a short play.