Invisible Lands | NUKU

Invisible Lands

50 min|Grown-up|Kanuti Gild's Small hall

Livsmedlet / FINLAND
A geographical striptease

Across the desert, behind our back. Up the mountain, down our spine. Over the sea, just under our nose. On the day the war broke out, we left home.
Geography and politics are physically extended and transformed into organic performance platforms – our bodies – and we learn what touch, presence, and endurance really are about.  With “Invisible Lands”, the visual theatre duo Livsmedlet challenges themselves in a unique meeting between puppetry and choreography.

LIVSMEDLET is a theatrical collaboration between Ishmael Falke (puppeteer, director, actor) and Sandrina Lindgren (dancer, choreographer, theatre maker). The collaboration was established in 2011 with the shared ambition to create relevant and innovative visual theatre works that challenge audience’s perspective of their surroundings and everyday life. Their works are derived from a mix of dance, physical theatre, contemporary puppetry and object theatre, combined with surprising and sometimes unconventional choices in storytelling, materials and working methods. Livsmedlet create works for the streets as well as for the theatre. Based in Finland, the company has been performing also in Sweden, Norway, Russia, Netherlands, Czech Republic, England, Spain, Israel and Cuba.

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