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Gulliver's Travels

3 h 10 min|School children, Young person, Grown-up|Viinistu katlamaja

An English ship called the Antelope sails for the South Seas, but it is wrecked in a storm. For the only survivor, the ship’s surgeon Gulliver, it is the start of unimaginable adventures. His travels take him to the island of tiny but fierce Lilliputians and then to the land of fun-loving giants. In each of the fantastical worlds, Gulliver encounters a society that treats him as either a monster or a bizarre and funny creature. However strange or dangerous the adventures may be, for Gulliver they are always lessons about himself and the human race.

Jonathan Swift wrote the tale as a satire. Underneath the jest, however, is a sense of deep human tragedy and remorse for the moral degradation of the Western world. I agree with much of Swift’s writing, but we are different in one thing: I feel like he had lost faith in human kindness; I still believe in it. Faith is the very thing that will be one of the underlying themes of the play. Faith in ourselves, in humankind and in love!

Gulliver’s Travels is a man’s journey to the edge of the world and back to learn to look with open eyes and to listen with an open heart.


Leading role Anti Kobin, other roles by Lee TreiLaura Nõlvak, Tiina TõnisAndres Roosileht, Karl Sakrits and theatre students of UT Viljandi Culture Academy: Loviise Kapper, Elena Koit, Grete Konksi, Silva Pijon, Kristjan Poom, Hans Kristian Õis