Exhibition Tiny Worlds by Rosita Raud | NUKU

Exhibition Tiny Worlds by Rosita Raud

Rosita Raud is a theatre designer, whose career spans for over 30 years already. The special exhibition in NUKU museum introduces her work and creativity.

"The title "Tiny Worlds" comes from my childhood," says the artist. "Me and my best friends collected random pretty items such as dried flowers, pieces of fabric or baubles, sometimes even small dolls. Then, we put the things under a see-through frame and hid all of it underground. Only we knew the location and we sometimes returned to the place, dug up the treasure and saw the picture or the world we'd created under glass."

Rosita Raud has created many stage designs for productions in Estonia and abroad. Before the decorations are built in the correct size, the 20 or 50 times smaller maquette is put together by the artist. The exhibition is based on the elements of these production maquettes. Different designs and items from the artists  studio are put together to create dialogue. The results are fantasies where each element's original meaning has lost it's importance. Only one maquette is exactly as it will be on theatre stage. It is the still to be premiered production of "The Little Prince" (premiere on January 29, 2017)

The exhibition is open to the museum guests in the underground vault cellar from Tue-Sun 10am to 6pm.