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Which ticket to get?

The ticket prices for theater productions differ. The prices depends on what age group the production belongs to.

Show tickets are necessary for everyone from the age 1 and above with the exception for the production "Wheepie's Whispers" where everyone is required a ticket.

Täispilet / Full ticket: the most common ticket type with prices of 9, 10, 12 and 18 €.
Sooduspilet / Concession ticket: full ticket with a concession. 10% off for card owners of Partnerkaart and Club One. The card gives concession up to 2 tickets per show.
Saatjapilet / Accompaning ticket: a ticket for the accompaning adult  of a small child; for productions for small children. One accompaning ticket per one child.

Examples for ticket buying

One child and two adults want to see The Sun Goes on Holiday (a production for small children, age group 3-10 y/o).
Tickets needed: 2 full tickets (1 for the child, 1 for the adult) and 1 accompaning ticket (for the other adult). 

Three children or youngsters and one adult for the show The Little Prince or for Bon Voyage and Other Lies.
Tickets needed: 4 full tickets.

One child and one adult for a small children production (e.g The Colours)
Tickets needed: one full ticket (for the child) and one accompaning ticket (for the adult).