Photos 2019 | NUKU

Photos 2019

NuQ Treff 2019 is over with lots of wows! Thank you for your participation! One can find here some photo-memories of our festival mood (photos by Indrek Rammus).

Please find below some short videos with recommendations.

About the program for children.

Abouot the program for grown-ups.

Recommendations of actors and actresses of NUKU, with subtitles in English:

Getter Meresmaa about "Afternoon Of Foehn" (FRA).

Leino Rei about "I, Sisyphus" (Bulgaria).

Kaisa Selde about "Dark Room" (FRA).

Mirko Rajas about "Missing Amelia Earhart" (FIN).

Taavi Tõnisson and  Leino Rei about "Pookh & Prakh" (RUS).

In Russian and Estonian languages, with subtitles in Russian and in Estonian:

Rosita Raud and Jevgeni Moissejenko about "Kolya's Composition" (RUS).
Full program 2019.