Leino Rei | NUKU

Leino Rei

Amet: General Manager

E-mail: leino.rei [at] eestinoorsooteater.ee

Constable Fusi, Master Stunde, restaurant client:
Michael Ende Momo (director Mait Joorits), 2019
Storyteller: Hans Christian Andersen The Shadow, (director Leino Rei), 2018

Productions staged at Theatre NUKU:
Hans Christian Andersen The Shadow, 2018
Leino Rei True Play, 2018
Andres Noormets Help!, 2006
Hans Christian Andersen The Shepherdess And The Chimney Sweep, 2005
Hans Christian Andersen The Fir Tree, 2004
Paul-Eerik Rummo Johnny from the Window Sill and Friends, 2002